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Asia's most intimidating and photogenic hotel

December 4, 2015
Story highlightsThe Atlanta hotel in Bangkok will be beloved with regard to its artwork deco interior designOpened inside the 1950s, it hasn't altered much regarding its style since Strident signage can always be found round the hotel, warning against sex tourists and prostitutionThe signs have turn out to end up being able to be an attraction for a complete lot of guestsAt the street entrance, the leading door displays the crude introduction within large letters: "THE ATLANTA. Ehrlich offers reported information pertaining to international media through Asia since 1978, located in Hong Kong, New Delhi as well as now Bangkok.

CNN Travel's series usually carries sponsorship originating from the countries and also regions we profile. "I adore it."

'Undomesticated people' unwelcomeShrill exhortations will also be splattered throughout the hotel's website, for you to avoid reservations "booked with a motley cohort associated with strangers who're unsuited to the Atlanta."

The website explains: "The Atlanta's brazen dauntlessness within the midst in the Sodom as well as Gomorrah with the modern day features turned it right into a respected Bangkok institution inside the eyes of the greater decent part regarding humanity, plus an object of ridicule and attack within the eyes with the degenerates."

Even should you aren't the sex tourist, you may well be condemned as one.

"The Atlanta will not welcome SEX TOURISTS, along with doesn't try to be polite with regards to it. Therefore I consider we're getting what we should compensated for. "But after having a although it does acquire a little bit funny about how exactly large it is."

"I love the ambiance, I love the actual history, I adore the actual winding staircase, I love that there is no TV, I love which everything within the room can be comfortable along with works, as well as the staff is great, as well as the food is actually good," says Jan, 58, any teacher coming from California.

"I've been here, such as in the past twenty years, over as well as over," Jan says. so that's good."

Mean signage 'is an attraction,' 'cracks me up'The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok, ThailandThe Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok, ThailandThe stringent signage is actually a plus, she says.

"I would say that is an attraction, instead of a negative thing," Biggs says. read the policy. "For me, as a lady vacationing alone, it's great."

The strident signage?

"Oh, it cracks me up," your woman says laughing.

Hotel with an attitude"Outsiders aren't welcome," says your owner, whom inherited the particular hotel coming from its founder, his father Max Henn, who died throughout 2002.

"If these people wander in, they are unceremoniously evicted.There will furthermore be many recording closed-circuit television cameras."

If the sometimes scornful, prissy staff permits a person to become any spending guest, you will be cautioned regarding Bangkok's "decadent, criminal-infested streets."

"There is nothing a new Thai -- yet others in the developing globe -- generates without having cheating around the specifications," reads one pamphlet conspicuously mounted on a reading platform inside the lobby, despite the particular irony that the owner's mother is Thai.

Other warnings tend to be posted throughout the particular building, swimming pool region and garden.

"We like the garden, as well as the pool, and the art deco factor is actually nice," Rebecca Biggs, 21, from Hobart, Australia, tells CNN following the woman's very first night.

"The rooms really are generally a bit basic, however that's to become expected inside a spending budget hotel. SEX TOURISTS NOT WELCOME."

Inside in the reception desk, "House Rules" warn: "No bar girls. "It is actually quite amusing."

"I consider it's great which they've got moral codes that they want to stick to."

Her journeying companion, Clare Strong, 22, agrees in regards in order to the ubiquitous signs.

"I suppose they're there with regard to one to notice them, and study them," Strong says. However, CNN retains complete editorial treatments for all involving its reports. Simply No catamites."

If you're not hip for you to archaic nouns, a dictionary defines the catamite as "a boy kept regarding homosexual practices."

Open in 1952, The Particular Atlanta, however, is also one of the most photogenic hotels within Bangkok regarding those that aren't intimidated and also possess a excellent feeling of humor.

Art deco heavenVisually, the small ground floor's splendor displays an intriguing along with delightful mix involving antique decor flourishes as well as designs, creating an extraordinary but strangely weary occasion warp.

"There tend to be strong art deco features," the particular hotel's reclusive owner Charles Henn tells CNN.

"There are usually elements in the 1950s, notably your red wall with white stripes on a new single facet of the stairwell, nevertheless the rest and the general atmosphere is from your 1920s and also 1930s."

A grand stairway, a new central round sofa below a Bohemian crystal chandelier, old-fashion landline telephones, wooden roll-top writing desks along with other quaint products adorn the lobby as well as tiny "scriptorium."

The pool area location and also garden include large turtles basking on rocks, fenced off from your hotel's relaxed cats.

The Atlanta: Frozen throughout timeThe Atlanta's owner claims to hold the oldest unaltered resort foyer inside Thailand.The Atlanta's owner statements to hold the oldest unaltered hotel foyer in Thailand."The Atlanta is actually frozen inside time," Henn says.

"That is the reason why our regular guests -- friends -- arrive back, simply because they understand that walking directly into Your Atlanta they are walking in to an additional world, a new different world from your globe around these elsewhere inside Bangkok.

"The lobby looked the identical when the hotel opened -- even the existing telephone exchange will be even now here as well as in use.

"They say there can be a distinct 'Atlanta type.'

"More bookish, perhaps, certainly much more cultivated, a lot more educated plus more interested in the globe by which these people live.Courteous.Pleasant.Decent," Henn says. Borderline cases usually are not due to end up being able to the advantage in the doubt, but are handled as sex tourists," the site says.

Also, don't slouch as well as seem grungy.

"The Atlanta in addition will not welcome undomesticated people -- the actual type of individuals who do not really know how to take a new seat on a chair or perhaps in table, who do not understand the approach to behave, as well as whose look and also manners are thus disgraceful concerning deliver disrepute upon their particular countrymen."

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